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5 Seconds of summer

Hi dear fandom.

First of I want to tell you all that I’m so profoundly happy to see such love.

That so many of us are supporting not just Ashton but the whole band.
It’s nauseating to read those mean things some “fans” wrote and I cannot for my life comprehend why you would want to behave is such manners.
They go out of their way for us fans and this is how some of you choose to respond? Why on earth would you do that?

I’ve just recently joined this so called family and grown to cherish the boys because they’re down to earth, humble and most of all so loving to all of us fans.
I would probably do about anything to get a chance of meeting the boys and just tell them how important they truly are to all of us.
Because it’s not just about music, it’s about them to.
Everyone has some sort of dark history or something they’re not proud of, but NO ONE deserves to get bullied for it.
You can be a boy or a girl, black or white, tall or short, pale or tanned.
But matters the most right now is that we all just show them the love they deserve.
Because those who are true fans will do anything in their power to silence these bullies. 

Love Erica

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